Does your child or teenager…

  • Avoid homework

  • Argue about the amount of work that the teacher has assigned

  • Skip out on proofreading and editing

  • Become reluctant to show work in math and science

  • Have a messy backpack or binder

  • Decline bonus questions/points even when they understand the content

  • Refuse to complete some parts of assignments

  • Hide assignments or tests from you

  • Forget tests and homework

Education Consultation can help!



We come to you!


Sessions are typically 1 hour in length, with email feedback provided between sessions.


Support to families and school teams

Direct support

One on One or small group learning


Fees for service depend on type of support provided. We do not take health insurance at this time. Rate for 1:1 contact is billed monthly at $85/hour. Fees for groups and other consultation vary from that rate.


Education Consultation for people who experience special needs

Home and school based support of learners who experience Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and other learning differences. We can support your learner to get on track and stay there so they can get the most out of their academic endeavors.


What we can accomplish together:


Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching helps your child with organization skills and planning. By understanding their learning style, including strengths and weaknesses, we support learners to follow through and achieve goals. Too often schools expect that students have competence in these areas without any instruction or practice to gain mastery. PJS Consultation Academic Coaching is an 8 week program that prioritizes the skills your learner needs in order to increase independence and performance with academic work.


Homework Help and Tutoring

Tutoring and homework help are tailored programs that focus on one subject area such as reading, writing, or math. PJS Consultation Homework Help takes the fight out of getting work done at home while helping your learner stay on track in challenging classes. This structure and guidance also instills good study practices for the learner’s next level of education.


IEP Monitoring and Support

Many IEPs and 504 plans do not adequately reflect the support a learner may need to achieve their goals. PJS Consultation IEP Monitoring supports parents and learners to review current plans, consider future goals, and support creation of an effective document to guide the student’s learning.

Photos provided by Rachel Strasler of Autism Positive and Keri Gregory