Does your child or teenager…

  • Struggle to be independent with self care or household tasks

  • Have a disrupted sleep routine

  • Experience challenges on weekends or breaks from school

  • Resist outings or family events

  • Engage in unsafe or inappropriate actions

  • Avoid interacting with family and friends

    Behavior Consultation can help!



We come to you!


Fees for service depend on type of support provided. We do not take health insurance at this time, however some clients may qualify for Oregon Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities funding. Private pay rate for 1:1 contact is billed monthly at $85/hour.


Support to family or school teams


Sessions are typically 1 hour in length, with email feedback provided between sessions.


Behavior Consultation to support changing routines and habits in home, school, and community

Behavior is defined as the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others. For people who experience developmental delays such as Autism, behavior can become a set of negative habits that impact every facet of life. PJS Consultation aims to minimize the challenging behaviors by increasing the use of strategies and supports that allow the person to be engaged and successful in learning.


What we can accomplish:


Functional Behavior Assessment

Getting to the bottom of why a person takes certain actions is the first key step in helping them to make changes to that action. The FBA process includes a complete record review, interviews, observations, and experimentation to determine why a behavior is happening and what supports the learner to make changes.


Positive Behavior Support Plan

In order to support someone to change their habits, the environment and and relationships around them need to be willing to make changes as well. It is important that support be positive, non-punitive, and consistent. PBSPs include specific step by step actions to take to support a learner to change their actions to be safer, happier, and healthier members of the family or classroom.


On-going Behavior Support

On-going support serves to provide consistent coaching and feedback to maintain the PBSP and evaluate the efficacy of the plan. This support is critical to ensure that new behaviors are addressed quickly and consistently as the learner grows.